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From Taisuke Yamada <>
Subject Re: Host: header and proxy
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2002 08:38:33 GMT

> Some advice needed on how to use the Host header when using a proxy
> and confirming its limitations with respect to Host: based proxies.

I personally do think reusing Host: header for proxy with name-based
virtualhost configuration is a nice tweak in implementation.

It seems RFC2616 does not explicitly forbid such a configuration. But
on the other hand, it is not clear how HTTP proxy should handle Host:
header. There seems there are at least three MUST requirements related
to the issue:

  - Host: header MUST be ignored when absolute URI is given (5.2.1)

  - Host: header MUST represent the naming authority of the origin server
    or gateway given by the original URL (14.23)

  - End-to-end header in request is expected to be transmitted to
    ultimate destination (13.5.1 + 14.20).

    Note: In 13.5.1, only response is mentioned as a "MUST". But in
          14.20, request is also mentioned as a "MUST" regarding to
          Expect: header.

My current interpretations are:

  - From the context, it seems 5.2.1 was written with caching HTTP
    proxy server in mind, not the one with name-based virtualhost

  - It seems "gateway" in 14.23 is considering reverse-proxy configuration
    where hostname in the URL is a frontend to the ultimate destination of
    the resource. This, I guess, means hostname in Host: header and absolute
    URI in request line must match, or that's a invalid HTTP request.

  - As 13.5.1 does not define Host: as hop-by-hop header, I assume
    it is not expecting Host: header as an information used to control
    behavior of HTTP proxy server.

Again, I do consider using Host: header to specify proxy server
running on virtualhost configuration is a nice tweak in implementation,
and it's probably not a RFC violation. But it seems it's not safe
to assume this behavior with other products.

For this Host: header, HTTP clients I tested (libwww-w3c, libwww-perl,
wget, curl, Internet Explorer, Mozilla) never generated Host: entry
pointing to the proxy, so even though server side may be capable of
such a configuration, client side is not.

Taisuke Yamada <>
Internet Initiative Japan Inc., Technical Planning Division

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