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Subject Host: header and proxy
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 22:17:49 GMT

Some advice needed on how to use the Host header when using a proxy and
confirming its limitations with respect to Host: based proxies.

-	Consider a proxy on port PA

-	Consider an origin server or gateway on on port PB

-	Consider a URL:[:PB]/foo.html

>From RFC 2616 - 14.23 - the Host header MUST reprsent the naming authority
of the origin server. (And one MUST use the Host: header when one is doing
HTTP/1.1 ( - assuming it applies to a client doing a proxy

So I need to do

	tcp-connect( IP-of(""), PA)
		GET HTTP/1.1

And the proxy MUST discard the Host: header according to 5.2.1 as there
is an absoluteURI.

So questions

-	This is correct ?

-	Now how I connect to a Host: based proxy ?
	-> seems impossible.

-	Why is the Host: header there in this case - as it adds
	no information and it only can cause conflicts (i.e.
	an application for getting about 5.2.1).

I.e. it seems to make that it almost makes more sense to do
as a client during a proxy request:

	connect( IPof(""), PA)
		GET HTTP/1.1

much along the lines of Proxy-Authenticate


Dirk-Willem van Gulik

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