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Subject Re: [PATCH] HTTP proxy, ab, and Host: as a hop-by-hop header?
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 19:41:34 GMT


> The problem I'm encountering is that ab(1) generates Host: header
> pointing to proxy server instead of real destination host.
> Due to this behavior, proxy server (not mod_proxy, BTW) is failing
> to send a valid HTTP request to destintion webserver using name-based
> virtualhost, as it simply passes Host: header with its (proxy
> server's) hostname in it.

I am double checking the spec. To verify what exactly should be send - as
one could also have to consider a proxy on a vhost.

To summarize, in the case of a PROXY we have

	proxyhost + proxyport
	full URL (http://urlhost:urlport/foo) (or ftp, etc)

and we do

	connect to proxyhost, proxyport
	then say 'GET full-URL HTTP...'

And now the question is, do we do

	Host: proxyhost [:proxyport]
	Host: urlhost[:urlport]
	<nil> (i.e. explictly NO Host:).


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