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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: putting mod_scoreboard_send in core?
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 18:23:11 GMT
a few notes on this.. the purpose of mod_scoreboard_send was to "download" 
the scoreboard image on a remote machine.  the scoreboard image was then 
used on the client machine to generate fancy graphical images to make our 
boss feel like he knew what was going on.  sorta like a graphical 
mod_status, but could also combine stats of a server farm into one browser

anyhoo, the module should not go in as-is, it was designed to incur as 
little overhead as possible, pretty much sends the binary data as-is.  and 
hence isn't portable since it uses native byte order rather than network 
order.  which was ok for us since the client machine was the same 
architecture as the servers.  and the concept might not apply at all to 
the 2.0 scoreboard, i haven't looked at it.  in general, the concept is to 
serialize the scoreboard in such a way that it can transfered over the 
network via http and "thawed" on another machine.  i'm sure there's a 
better way to do this than the mod_scoreboard_send thinger.

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