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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject RE: [BUG] <Location /dir> doesn't work as expected when there is a /dir in the DocumentRoot
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 12:31:05 GMT

I've reproduced the problem reported by Vlad Skvortsov
locally and I'll describe it once more together with
some feedback I got.

>From the config:
    DocumentRoot /htdocs

    <Location /repos>
        DAV svn
        SVNPath /htdocs/repos 

In the /htdocs path, there is a directory called repos.
The directory seems to win over the Location (badness!).

The OPTIONS request to will
indicate a non-dav-enabled resource.

On irc OtherBill stated that mod_dav chose not to override map_to_storage*,
but Location should still win over Dir.  His guess was that mod_davs OPTIONS
intercept could be borked.


*) I tried to find out how to implement a map_to_storage hook for mod_dav,
   but failed to grasp how it worked (couldn't find any docs or good examples).

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