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From "Sleazy Waezle" <>
Subject suexec & ScritpAlias/ScriptAliasMatch
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2002 09:11:18 GMT
I hope this is the proper group for this, it was the only one that appears 
to work with the code.

I am just starting to look at the server code and have been playing with the 
suexec code. Want to try to pass additional parameters to suexec, in 
paticular the value of the ScriptAlias or ScriptAliasMatch (after regex) for 
the VirtualHost. Believe I have found where suexec is called but unable to 
figure out where the ScriptAlias/Match value is or how to pass it. Any help 
greatly appreciated.

I'm actually a hardware guy, so s/w is not my strong point. Hopefully in the 
future I'll understand the server well enough to make a contribution to it.


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