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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject xml module docs
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2002 05:23:48 GMT
Just a note to let everyone know that the first pass of conversion of the
module docs to xml is complete.  This was accomplished with the help of Rich
Bowen, Brad Miller, and Patrik Grip-Jansson.

There is still lots of fine tuning to be done, but I believe what we have
now is much more maintainable and flexible than what we had before.  As far
as updates go, I think the format is fairly clear and simple.  We have both
an XSL stylesheet that can be used to view "live" transformations in a
browser, and a DTD that can be used to confirm that docs are in the correct
format.  There is documentation on the documentation at
but it needs to be updated.  I'll try to get to that eventually.

Anyway, the punch line is, don't muck with anything ending in .html in the
mod/ directory.  Edit the .xml files and then transform to .html (or just
edit the .xml and someone will eventually get around to transforming them).


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