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From "Allan Edwards" <>
Subject RE: filtering problems & fix
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 01:24:11 GMT
> Did that patch fix the bug for everybody?  If so, I want to commit it.
> I have a three hour meeting now, so I'm not going to have time to
> though.  Can somebody else commit it this afternoon if it works?

Thanks Ryan, with your patch we longer trap in the SSI testcase but 
I have a question. In make_sub_request where the filter pointers 
are copied, why this:

 rnew->proto_output_filters = r->connection->output_filters;

rnew->output_filters is pointing to the remainder of the
main chain (next_filter) and rnew->proto_output_filters is 
not pointing to the proto part of it. Is this just a 
placeholder in case some subrequest code tries to add
a proto filter?

My only other observation is that any filters added in the subreq
must only be added to the top of the rnew->output_filters 
chain or must be cleanly removed before the subreq returns
otherwise the main chain will get corrupted. I haven't seen 
this happen so far, so maybe this is just a hypothetical


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