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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla action items
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2002 02:29:16 GMT
"Justin Erenkrantz" <> wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 01:08:33AM +0000, Pier Fumagalli wrote:
>>> 5) Potentially add a CNAME that is a redirect
>>>  to  [DNS and httpd admin]
>> See other email...
> Fair enough, but as I understand matters, Scarab does not support any
> migration path from GNATS->Scarab, but does from Bugzilla->Scarab.
> So, all of this work/rearrangment won't be lost if we decide to
> switch to Scarab?  It'll be painless, right?

Right, also because we have another 20 or something projects to move across,
and I don't want to waste my life over it... It will be painless, and
everything done in Bugzilla will be ported to Scarab... I was only thinking
about the name ( won't be a good name if we run the
competitor product :)

> What's the timeframe on deploying Scarab for Jakarta?  Since the
> Jakarta people are lightyears ahead of us when it comes to bug
> systems, I'll be content to just piggy-back on whatever issue
> tracking system Jakarta uses.  But, if the switch is imminent
> (say a week?), then we should hold off doing anything with
> Bugzilla for sure.

I don't really know... It's up to Jon, Jason Van Zyl, and Daniel Rall... I
just manage the server and started delegating all noncritical operations :)
I really don't have time to keep up with everything...

AFAIK, they'll be starting a pilot project tracking Turbine next week (it
seems all set up right on Scarab -btw-
I'd give it a switch in around may/june if the test goes well...

>>> 6) Add some other httpd committers as bugzilla admins.  I nominate
>>>  Joshua for access since he already closed one bugzilla bug.  =)
>>>  But, there should be other people besides me that can tweak the
>>>  components.  [Bugzilla admin]
>> Gimme a list :)
> Joshua Slive ( and Will Rowe (
> volunteered themselves.  Seems like a reasonable start for now.
> I don't know what your policy is on admins, but I'd posit that
> any committer can be trusted.

Yeah... Committers only (really I don't see a point in restricting it to
members)... Also because those don't need shell access... :)

BTW, both users now have permissions... (Josh, you didn't have an account, I
created one, you should receive the password, otherwise, mail me! :)

>>> 7) Configure bugzilla accordingly so that it sends an email to a
>>>  ML.  If you are subscribed to tomcat-dev@, you know how it works -
>>>  any time a new bug is created, it sends an email, any time changes
>>>  are made, it sends an email.  I'd say would
>>>  be a good name.  IMHO, we should move it over to a new list instead
>>>  of reusing the old one (apache-bugdb) that is on the wrong domain
>>>  anyway.  [Daedalus 'apmail' and bugzilla admin]
>> On tomcat, we do it by setting the "default owner" of the bug, and when
>> someone takes ownership, simply puts the ML in the CC field (tricky, but
>> that's the only way to do it. Scarab should solve this).
> Okay.  So, if we get a bugs@httpd ML created, we can set all of the
> components to be "owned" by bugs@httpd.

Yep... Actually on tomcat we mail them to tomcat-dev, but it's up to you
guys, just let me know the mail address to subscribe :)

>>> 9) Configure bugzilla to send monthly/weekly (?) reports to dev@httpd
>>>  identifying confirmed PRs.  I believe tomcat-dev@ gets these.
>>>  Personally, I don't care to be subscribed to bugs@httpd ML (it'll
>>>  be high-traffic), but I would like to see a summary once in a
>>>  while.  [Bugzilla admin, but subject to dev@httpd consensus]
>> That's already there... I just need to add the projects into the weekly
>> script to generate reports for HTTPd as well (check out the Tomcat list, for
>> example).
> Cool.  We may rename the projects once we figure out how we want to
> name things.  I'll make sure I drop you a line once we're happy with
> the project names.

Let me know...

    Pier (goin'to bed! :)

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