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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla action items
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2002 01:08:33 GMT
"Justin Erenkrantz" <> wrote:

> 2) Add new OS entries for 'BeOS', 'OS/2', 'Netware'.  [Bugzilla admin]


> 3) Determine if we want a separate Apache 2.0 bugzilla project.
>  Doing so makes the component list *much* easier.  Otherwise,
>  there will be things that don't make sense for 2.0 in 1.3 and
>  vice-versa.  [dev@httpd consensus]

+1 :)

> 5) Potentially add a CNAME that is a redirect
>  to  [DNS and httpd admin]

See other email...

> 6) Add some other httpd committers as bugzilla admins.  I nominate
>  Joshua for access since he already closed one bugzilla bug.  =)
>  But, there should be other people besides me that can tweak the
>  components.  [Bugzilla admin]

Gimme a list :)

> 7) Configure bugzilla accordingly so that it sends an email to a
>  ML.  If you are subscribed to tomcat-dev@, you know how it works -
>  any time a new bug is created, it sends an email, any time changes
>  are made, it sends an email.  I'd say would
>  be a good name.  IMHO, we should move it over to a new list instead
>  of reusing the old one (apache-bugdb) that is on the wrong domain
>  anyway.  [Daedalus 'apmail' and bugzilla admin]

On tomcat, we do it by setting the "default owner" of the bug, and when
someone takes ownership, simply puts the ML in the CC field (tricky, but
that's the only way to do it. Scarab should solve this).

> 9) Configure bugzilla to send monthly/weekly (?) reports to dev@httpd
>  identifying confirmed PRs.  I believe tomcat-dev@ gets these.
>  Personally, I don't care to be subscribed to bugs@httpd ML (it'll
>  be high-traffic), but I would like to see a summary once in a
>  while.  [Bugzilla admin, but subject to dev@httpd consensus]

That's already there... I just need to add the projects into the weekly
script to generate reports for HTTPd as well (check out the Tomcat list, for

All from my side (keep me posted, I read the list randomly lately)


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