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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: s->server_hostname null after WinNT MPM restart?
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 22:26:49 GMT
At 03:13 PM 3/20/2002, you wrote:
>Is anyone else seeing this?

That makes perfect sense, although it 'failed to fail' for me when
coding yesterday.  In fact, early, it occured to me that this could
occur - but I was so d*mned tired it then slipped my mind.

Consider; we don't close the listeners now [with the pool cleanup]
because we moved them to the process pool.

They are alert and listening.  Now we try to grab the sockets in
the server restart open_logs hook, and we don't set the socket as
sharable [on Win32, specificially] until we successfully grab them
for our exclusive use.  [That was the old bug that we could share
IIS or anyone elses' sockets due to Win32's lame security model.]

Well that patch has come back to bite us [on win32.]  I suspect that
in the Win32 case, we don't comment out the first SO_REUSEADDR
block, but test for (old_listeners) - and set the listeners reuse up front
when this is a restart case.

If we find (!old_listeners) - then postpone the SO_REUSEADDR flag
until after our successful first socket-grab attempt.

BTW - there is a not-so-subtle race condition here with a traditional
server restart [the Service Control Applet's stop-start button.]  The
main server stops, but the child is still in it's death throughs.  The
new parent process can't grab the socket until the child -really-
utters it's last whimpers and expires.  So an ungraceful-restart,
e.g. net stop apache2 && net start apache2  can fail today, and
I don't have a trivial solution.


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