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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: the it worked page
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 05:16:41 GMT
What about a meta-"Content Expires" 48 hours after installation :-?

Let 'em see it for a day or two, then transition to some content expired
message.  Or better yet, make the install a bit more insulting to the
admin, and clearer...

"If this happens to be your favorite web site, that site's administrator
has installed a new web server to handle your requests.  However,
they seem to have forgotten to put back all the content.  Afraid there
is nothing the Apache HTTP Server group can do about that"

"For that matter, if you have a complaint about this web site, it's
operator, or users of this machine, we are afraid it has nothing to do
with the Apache HTTP Server project.  Apache HTTP Server is free,
open source software anyone may download and install {link to
Apache FAQ here?}."

"If you are really irritated with this web site administrator, don't whine
to the Apache HTTP Server project, use "nslookup" and "whois"
to find out the owner of this machine's IP address block, and complain
to them.  We have some hints {here}{another link to the FAQ."

Anyone leaving the default apache installed with the default page rather
deserves this, if they didn't stop to change the greetings :-)


At 08:37 PM 3/4/2002, you wrote:
>According to Cliff Woolley:
> > Can we get rid of the "It worked!" page?  Please?  I'm getting sick of
> > confused people sending us email saying their server has been hijacked.
>I'd like to keep it, because it is IMHO very useful for most people.
>And we've put a lot of effort into the translations.
>Lars Eilebrecht           - "Home" is where the computer is plugged in.

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