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From Tony Toyofuku <>
Subject UDP socket connections
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 01:23:18 GMT

I've seen mention both recently and in 11/1999 on this list
regarding Apache 2.0 and support for UDP.

I too am interested in UDP support within Apache 2.0.  Ideally, I'd like a
server that supported both UDP and TCP simultaneously, but if UDP support
were a configurable option (either UDP or TCP), that would be okay.

I've looked through the code, and from what I can figure
out, it looks like the you would have to alter the following
code (assuming worker mpm on Linux):

1.	in alloc_listener (server/listen.c), there needs to be
	support added for SOCK_DGRAM in the call to apr_socket_create.

2.	in make_sock (server/listen.c), for UDP sockets, you'd
	have to skip doing the apr_listen() call.

3.	you've have to compile Apache with TCP_NODELAY undef'ed.

4. 	in server/core.c, there needs to be a parallel UDP'ized
	writev_it_all() that does apr_sendto's instead of apr_sendv.
	There would also need to be an abstraction above these functions
	that one of these functions depending upon TCP or UDP socket.

5. 	instead of going to apr_accept() (in
	from within server/mpm/worker.c, you'd have to go to a UDP version
	that just does a recvfrom(), instead of an accept.

This seems like touching code in a lot of disparate places.
Does anyone have an implementation that supports UDP that's cleaner than
Or can anyone offer any tips/pointers for adding UDP support?



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