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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Proxy Problems (was: Re: 1.3.24 +1)
Date Sun, 24 Mar 2002 13:37:21 GMT
Martin Kraemer wrote:

> >              (     (pgtm0035)
> > client <--> Apache-1.3.13 <--> Apache-1.3.24
> >                Proxy             Proxy *and*
> >                               Origin Server

One question: in the above senario, where is the data coming from? Is
there another HTTP/1.1 server to the right of pgtm0035 which is
providing the data?

If so - what might be happening is that the v1.3.24 pgtm0035 proxy is
receiving chunked data from the invisible-server-on-the-right. Instead
of dechunking the data (as RFC2616 requires) it sends the chunked data
to the HTTP1.0 1.3.13 proxy - which is bad.

But - checking the proxy code shows that the Transfer-Encoding header is
_removed_ from headers in transit, and a Transfer-Encoding header exists
in your trace. This would suggest that the Transfer-Encoding header is
added by the frontend HTTP protocol code, not the backend code -
possibly acting on false information fed to it by mod_proxy.

This is weird.

Can you send a trace of what the traffic flow looks like between the
backend server and pgtm0035, and the 1.3.13 proxy and pgtm0035, to see
what is happening to data in transit?

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