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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla action items
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2002 17:56:41 GMT
Here's a summary of where we are.  Please take a look below for a couple 
questions for the list.

Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> [For those on infrastructure@, httpd is trying to migrate from
> GNATS to Nagoya's bugzilla.]
> 1) Modify's index.cgi page to have a link to
>    Nagoya's bugzilla.  [Daedalus 'bugz' access]


> 2) Add new OS entries for 'BeOS', 'OS/2', 'Netware'.  [Bugzilla admin]


> 3) Determine if we want a separate Apache 2.0 bugzilla project.
>    Doing so makes the component list *much* easier.  Otherwise,
>    there will be things that don't make sense for 2.0 in 1.3 and
>    vice-versa.  [dev@httpd consensus]


> 4) Upon completion of #3, populate components.  I don't like the
>    GNATS components as they are poorly chosen.  I think we can
>    come up with better ones than that.  [dev@httpd consensus]

Not done: Any objections to adding all the modules from each version, 
plus "build, configuration, protocol, suexec, support, other"?  I will 
do this unless someone screams.

> 5) Potentially add a CNAME that is a redirect
>    to  [DNS and httpd admin]

Not done: Someone suggested, but I don't particularly 
> 6) Add some other httpd committers as bugzilla admins.  I nominate
>    Joshua for access since he already closed one bugzilla bug.  =)
>    But, there should be other people besides me that can tweak the
>    components.  [Bugzilla admin]


> 7) Configure bugzilla accordingly so that it sends an email to a
>    ML.  If you are subscribed to tomcat-dev@, you know how it works -
>    any time a new bug is created, it sends an email, any time changes
>    are made, it sends an email.  I'd say would
>    be a good name.  IMHO, we should move it over to a new list instead
>    of reusing the old one (apache-bugdb) that is on the wrong domain
>    anyway.  [Daedalus 'apmail' and bugzilla admin]

Partially done.  The list will get all emails unless someone takes 
ownership of a bug and forgets to add the list as a cc.  Not exactly 
ideal.  Any suggestions?  Or should we just live with this until the 
next migration.

> 8) Upon completion of #7, send an email to apache-bugdb@ notifying
>    them of new list and bugzilla setup.  [Anyone once #7 is done.]


> 9) Configure bugzilla to send monthly/weekly (?) reports to dev@httpd
>    identifying confirmed PRs.  I believe tomcat-dev@ gets these.
>    Personally, I don't care to be subscribed to bugs@httpd ML (it'll
>    be high-traffic), but I would like to see a summary once in a
>    while.  [Bugzilla admin, but subject to dev@httpd consensus]

Not done.  I don't particularly care about this.  Marc used to do this 
for gnats, but I don't think it had much of an effect.  If people never 
look at the bug database, this isn't going to change.

> 10) Make GNATS not accept new PRs once we are satisfied with
>    Bugzilla.  [Daedalus 'bugz']

Done.  (Well, we removed the "submit" link.  If people have that link 
bookmarked, I suppose they could still submit new bugs.)

11) What to do with old bugs.

There is just so much garbage in the gnats database that I don't think 
it would be good just to import the whole thing into bugzilla.  But we 
do need to keep them around at least for archive purposes.  Any suggestions?

Obviously bugzilla leaves alot to be desired.  But I hope it will be an 


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