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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject brigade/filter Question/problem with ap_save_brigade
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 03:47:37 GMT
i think i've found a >potential< bug in ap_save_brigade

if i call ap_save_brigade on top of proxied content it segfaults
when it hits the sentinel bucket and tries to set it aside.

by using the following code fragement instead of calling the function
It seems to work quite nicely
      apr_bucket *e;
         APR_BRIGADE_FOREACH(e,bb) {
             if (e != APR_BRIGADE_SENTINEL(bb)) {
                 apr_bucket_setaside(e, f->r->pool);
         APR_BRIGADE_CONCAT(ctx->bb, bb);

the only real difference is the check for the sentinel.
so.. the Question.. do we need to do such a check or is there
some other bug in the filters ?


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