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From Tim Moloney <>
Subject Re: httpd-ldap and apr shared memory
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 12:05:04 GMT
Graham Leggett wrote:

> Tim Moloney wrote:
>>A little investigation leads me to believe that apr changed its shared
>>memory API and httpd-ldap has not been updated.  Is anyone actively
>>using and maintaining httpd-ldap for apache 2.0?
> It's on the todo list, however reducing the overdraft and fixes to the
> proxy have been priorities of late. If you notice stuff like this,
> submit a patch and it will be included.

Further investigation shows that the new shared memory API in APR does

not include the functionality of the old API.  Specifically, the

following functions are missing:


So the solution to get httpd-ldap running is to complete APR's new
shared memory API.  Adding this functionality is beyond me but I'll
post it here so that someone more knowledgable can fix it.

By the way, I currently have httpd-ldap running by commenting out the
httpd-ldap code that uses shared memory.

Tim Moloney
ManTech Real-time Systems Laboratory
2015 Cattlemen Road                             \     /
Sarasota, FL  34232                     .________\(O)/________.
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