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From Sander van Zoest <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] AddOutputFiltersbyType (revised)
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2002 17:14:06 GMT
On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Ryan Bloom wrote:

> On a note in the original message, adding the same filter twice is okay
> to do.  In fact, it is arguably correct.  If I have a filter that
> changes my c-t to a type that causes me to filter the data again, then I
> had better re-insert the filter.  The biggest problem is going to be
> infinite loops in this situation, but I am not sure how to protect
> against that.

Protect it like a BSD system would. If you have the same filter more
then an arbitrary amount (let's say 7) times on the stack, you probably
didn't mean to do that, so make it error out. That is pretty much
how BSD 4.4 lite protects symlink loops on the file system.

Sander van Zoest                                
San Diego, CA, US                       

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