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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: filtering problems & fix
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 18:56:21 GMT
> > The other thing is that we actually want to use the exact same
> My patch replaces the ap_filter_t structures from the original
> chain with exact copies in the subreq chain  so 1) we have the
> exact same filter chain and 2) and adds/removes will only affect
> the subrequest chain.

I don't want the adds/removes to only affect the sub-request, unless it
is an add/remove of a resource filter.  Any add/remove of a connection
or protocol filter in a sub-request is a BIG problem.  Those filters
should be setup based on the headers from the client, not based on which
resource we are returning.

> > That is one of the goals of subrequests, so I believe that this is
> > wrong solution.  I will remove the previous filter ASAP and see if
> > still works.
> I guess I don't see how this fixes the problem that
> the subrequest can be adding/subtracting filters
> and if we are just copying the pointers from the
> main request we had better be sure that before we
> return from the subrequest all adds/subtracts are
> undone, and I don't see how we can guarantee that.

It is guaranteed, because the sub-request shouldn't be adding any
protocol filters.  If it does, then there is a bigger more important
bug.  IF the sub-request is only adding resource filters, then they are
on a separate filter chain.  The problem with doing the copy, is that if
the sub-request is adding a protocol filter, then you are hiding that
problem instead of pointing it out in big red seg fault letters.

> > Can you provide a config that causes this bug?
> A simple SSI file with two #include file directives

Okay, I thought that was just causing the first bug, not both.  I'll
look into it ASAP.


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