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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: filtering problems & fix
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 18:35:07 GMT
> A simple SSI file with two #include file directives
> will coredump due the fact that we are copying the
> filter chain *pointers* from the main request to
> the subrequest in make_sub_request. When we add
> the subreq_core_filter this corrupts the main
> filter chain.

There should be no reason to copy the entire chain to the sub-request.
In fact, if we do have to do so, then there is a bigger problem.  I
think the actual problem is that we no longer really need the previous
pointer that I added.  That pointer is causing more problems that it
solves, and we have to walk the filter chain anyway in

The other thing is that we actually want to use the exact same filters.
That is one of the goals of subrequests, so I believe that this is the
wrong solution.  I will remove the previous filter ASAP and see if it
still works.

> We need to copy the filter chain, not just the
> pointers. Attached is a patch to do this. I will
> commit if there are no objections.
> There is also at least one remaining bug in
> add_any_filter handle due to the fact that
> r->output_filters and/or r->proto_output_filters
> are not getting updated when filters are added.
> I'm still looking into that one if no-one beats
> me to it.

Can you provide a config that causes this bug?


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