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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject 2.0.34 tag planned for 1200 PST 03-26-02
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 06:44:03 GMT
The list has been very quiet for a week or two now.  A few notable
bugs are hanging around, but we [on the Win32 platform] pulled
the last beta due to very serious installation problems and more
importantly the .bat file vulnerability.

This is what I see open;


    * 34 status: Let's get all API changes and showstoppers in this one.


    * API changes planned for 2.0 that should happen before the
      GA release:
          * Free lists for bucket allocation

    * We do not properly substitute the prefix-variables in the
      scripts or generated-configs.  (i.e. if sysconfdir is etc,
      httpd-std.conf points to conf.)
        Aaron says: This is not a showstopper, these problems have existed
                    for as long as I can remember. It would be nice to fix
                    them but they are not new.
        Not a showstopper: Jeff, Aaron, BillS, gregames

And we have a ton of new code in the tree.  Folks report tests work again.

I don't want to see us wait until April to circulate new, good code to our
patient and dedicated testers.  We are really overdue for a beta.  OTOH,
I don't need people moaning that I've just 'grabbed' a tag.

Unless there is some legit objection, I want to tag today [well, in Chicago
it's already today] so we can decide if it's worthy of a beta tarball.
There is always 'one more fix'(TM)(R) but let's get .34 out to enough
folks to assure we end up with a solid release.  Perhaps that isn't .34
quite yet - but it's really close.  We need folks to discover the bugs
that we haven't [and were overlooked in .28, .32, due to more glaring

With no objections ... I'll grab a tag at the appointed time and we can
spend a day differing over what patches should be rolled in/rolled out
of that tag for a real candidate.


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