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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: AddOutputFilterByType
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 23:05:50 GMT

> > Rbb and I chatted about this earlier today.  It seems like once the
> decision
> > is reached that we have a fast internal redirect, we should _stop_
> > processing
> > that main request.  Obviously some well defined return value from
> hook
> > fn, similar to DONE but not quite the same.
> Ahem, wasn't I saying that?  ;-)  Yes, I think we need this too.
> > What would be most cool is to set an r->replace_request member to
> > subrequest we will run.  Then in the run request phase, look at
> > replace_request and run the insert_filters/run_handler against that
> > replacement.
> That could be goodness.  I agree that I'm not sure if it is really
> that trivial.  Perhaps.  Well, actually, I know it won't be since
> some filters do different things when r->main is set.  I can see
> rbb saying, "Those filters are broken."  Is that the case?  -- justin

No that isn't the case, and the fix isn't that trivial.  It isn't
impossible, but it adds an if to every single hook call.


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