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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: OT: whither are we going?
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 18:54:54 GMT
I've set on this for a week and decided I wasn't happy with it being the last word on the

> Jeff Stuart wrote:
> >
> > Roy, however, I do think that there is an implied responsibility for
> > apache since so much of the Internet USES it.
> Gaining market share has never been one of our goals.  Producing
> quality software has.  That so many people have decided to benefit
> from our work does not, and should not, shape our activities.  It
> speaks for the quality of the work we do -- but we didn't do it for
> their benefit.  It is just simply not on to expect us to change our
> goals, philosophy, and activities because of the opinions of users
> we never sought.  To even ask it could be considered insulting.
> > IMNSHO the Apache community is NOT just the developers.
> No, but it is the developers, and solely the developers, who
> decide on what they want to work.  Not some faceless mass of
> users.
> > IMNSHO when I write a program even if it's for one other
> > person, I have a responsibility to that person to maintain
> > it and fix the bugs in it that crop up.
> And therein lies the flaw in your argument.  We don't develop
> Apache for anyone else, and hence there is no responsibility
> to anyone else.  Others may benefit from our work, but that's
> coincidental.
> --
> #ken P-)}

You just threw out the baby with the bath water... Pretty sure I understand the point you
are making, but you definitely missed the mark with the audience :-)

The Apache HTTP Server is nothing without our user community.  If people did not benefit
from my work here, I would leave. I have no interesting in writing C code for the sake of
writing C code. I suspect most of the developers here would agree.

Back when Apache was first written, the guys doing the coding were also running large
websites. For them, Apache was a means to an end; code that they could shape to solve the
problem of running a website. Your comments can easily be interpreted to mean that now
Apache http server development is an end unto itself. If this is really what you mean,
I -strongly- disagree. If Apache http server development does not satisfy a strong cross
section of our user community, we are dead. Are we beholden to any one user? No way. and
rather than complaining, concerned users can jump in and help us out.

And FWIW, I personally feel some responsbility to the Apache user community.


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