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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: Code questions
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 18:57:40 GMT
> server/config.c:396
>     return !!(cmd->limited & (AP_METHOD_BIT << methnum));
>            ^^
> Is that a typo or intentional?

It's intentional.  This line always sparks a VERY large debate.  The
reason for it is that it is the only way to ensure that you have a 1 or
0 result.  By negating twice, the first negation always takes the result
to 0 or 1, and second always gives the opposite result. 

> server/core.c:661
>     AP_DECLARE(const char *) ap_document_root(request_rec *r) /* Don't
> this! */
> If we shouldn't use it, why is it still here?

Because people are lazy and most people didn't realize that comment
existed.  If nobody is using that function, remove it.

> server/core.c:691
>     /* Should probably just get rid of this... the only code that
cares is
>      * part of the core anyway (and in fact, it isn't publicised to
>      * modules).
>      */
> Read the comment.

Check to make sure nobody uses it, and remove it if nobody does.

> server/listen.c:320
>     /*free(lr);*/
> Can this go?  Was there a future purpose to this call,
> or was it just old code commented out?

It most likely highlights a memory leak more than anything else.  These
structures use to be malloc'ed, and free'd at the correct times.  Now we
use palloc to allocate them.  I would bet that the free was left so that
somebody would remember to look for the leak.


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