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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: Code questions (server/protocol.c)
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 14:23:04 GMT

> > server/protocol.c:1290
> > AP_DECLARE(size_t) ap_send_mmap(apr_mmap_t *mm, request_rec *r,
> offset,
> >                                 size_t length)
> >
> > I reckon the size_t's are left here intentional, weren't forgotten
> > switching to apr_size_t?
> Does anything use this?  I can't fathom any situation where this
> be called - this screams an MMAP bucket to be passed down.  size_t
> should refer to anything in memory, while off_t refers to position in
> a file.  We have some mismatches in that.  If anyone would like a
> nice project, cleaning up our bucket/brigade types to remove the
> dependency on apr_size_t/apr_off_t would be real nice before GA
> (create apr_bucket_size_t and apr_brigade_size_t).  But, it'll be
> painful.

That function is for backwards compat with 1.3 modules to help make it
easier to port to 2.0.  It does create an MMAP bucket and send it down
the stack.


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