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From "Martin Ramshaw" <>
Subject [PATCH] Solaris sockets for support/ab.c (httpd-2_0_32-beta)
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 06:20:16 GMT
By default, Solaris (at least, Solaris 7 for sparc) restricts the number of
handles that may be used. See the comments in the attached patch file for
more details.

I am a newbie, so please, only constructive criticism!

Now that I finally have enough time, rather than patch each successive
version of Apache, it seemed like a good idea to contribute these changes
to the CVS trunk.

Also, the patch instructions refer to 'new-httpd' which doesn't seem to
Neither do '' or the other obvious
choice for this patch ''. So please
excuse me if I have sent this patch to the wrong group.

Of course, I have only made my best guess as to how to do this in a
multi-OS situation (for sparc's the changes can be applied without the
'ifdef's). I have tested the original changes (i.e. no 'ifdef' s) on
but with an older version of Apache.

    Best regards, Martin Ramshaw

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