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From Christoph Schneegans <>
Subject qs values in conjunction with MultiViews
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:56:19 GMT

I've already written to the Users Mailing List about this subject [1], but
there was no satisfying answer. The issue is somewhat related to Apache
development and debugging, so I hope I may raise it here.

<> explains how to
use qs parameters in a type map file to assign a source quality to the
different variants. It does not explain how to use qs values in
conjunction with MultiViews, and
<> and
<> complain that there's no way
to set these values.

However, it seems to be possible, using the AddType directive:

  AddType image/svg;qs=0.85 svg svgz
  AddType image/png;qs=0.7 png
  AddType image/jpeg;qs=0.8 jpg jpeg

This works as expected but I'm concerned about the Content-Type headers
that are transmitted to the client:

  Content-Type: image/svg;qs=0.85
  Content-Type: image/png;qs=0.7
  Content-Type: image/jpeg;qs=0.8

In contrast to negotiation via type map, the qs values are included in
the response header.

<> says:

| The source quality is assumed to be 1.000 for all files (this can
| actually be set on the mime type, like "text/html;qs=0.5" but this
| confuses most browsers so is probably best not used).

I've tested with several browsers -- Opera 3.61, 5.12 and 6.01, Mozilla
0.9.8, links, lynx, IE6, Netscape 3.0.4 and 4.78, Amaya 4.3.2 and 5.3
don't complain. Does anybody know if there's a browser that can't handle
qs values?

The next question is if qs values are formally allowed in the
Content-Type header. According to RFC 2616, I think they are not, so
Apache should remove them. Or is this just an undesired side effect of
type map negotiation, i.e. are qs values not designed to work with
MultiViews? Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Christoph Schneegans

[1] <>


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