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From Jeroen Massar <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0.32 beta is available
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 17:15:10 GMT

On 19 Feb 2002, Jeff Trawick wrote:

> Jeroen Massar <> writes:
> > > > Unless someone submitted patches since the 2.0.32-alpha tarball last
> > > > week. I don't think Win32/nt works especially as it relies on
> > > > sockaddr_in for the mpm_winnt. I figured and fixed this, this weekend
> > > > I wanted too see if the IPv6 support for Apache on NT worked or not.
> > > > It did compile but without IPv6 support. After some hours of changing
> > > > things, enabling getaddrinfo() etc. I suddenly had a IPv6 enabled
> > > > mpm_winnt version of Apache 2.0.32. I will be cleaning up the diff tonight
> > > > and fixing the fact that IPv6 addresses get logged quite weirdly, which
> > > > is a weird offset effect. You'll probably get the diff tomorrow morning
CET ;)
> > I haven't made a proper diff, nor the cleanups, but if you copy the files
> > from:
> >
> A suggestion:
> Work on APR first (and submit your patch to  Get
> the APR test programs (client, server, sendfile) working nicely.
> Once that is resolved/mostly resolved, then work on Apache.
Good idea as this saves some of the oversight problems :)
Though the most fixes will go in Apache itself as the winnt_mpm references
sockaddr some times, but I think you want to abstract those with apr so
I'll get working on that too.

> Some notes on your current code (which I'm guessing at since there is no diff :) ):
This was a quicky so people could see it work at all <grin>

> We would not want to define struct in_addr6 and struct sockaddr_in6 in apr_network_io.h.
Ah well I can explain that one, either my Visual Studio is doing weird or
something else is happening, as the structs before (mpreq if I remember)
are defined but the sockaddr stuff isn't... I will have to find a neat solution for it :)

> Please don't use "//" comments ;)
> Somebody needs to get to the bottom of the 24-byte/28-byte
> discrepancy.  I guess this is related to you setting salen to
> "sizeof(struct sockaddr_in6)+4" in set_socket_vars().
I have ported some others programs to support IPv6 on winnt (Putty is the
most notable one) and my authentication daemon als sports v6 so I'll add
some debug code and figure out what they do.

See the diffed atches soon......


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