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From Dale Ghent <>
Subject OT: whither are we going?
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:26:43 GMT
On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Ryan Bloom wrote:

| If you read the statement in context, it shouldn't be alarming.  It was
| in response to a statement that we shouldn't be re-writing any code,
| because it destabilizes the current code.  I patently disagree with that
| statement.
| I also disagree that just tweaking common code should be a problem.
| Perhaps most importantly though, I don't think the changes for perchild
| will extend beyond the MPM.

I just want to interject my 2pf here...

Both of you are right to some degree, I feel.

but my questions are:

	*) When will we be CLEARLY in beta or even rc mode? I dont think
           it's clear what the status of the tree is now; to me, let
           alone all of the other Joe Admins out there that are really
           interested in Apache 2.0, but are confused by the amount of
           time being taken to release it. Is ap 2.0.32 REALLY 2.0, or is
           it beta? Will 2.1 be what has been touted as Apache 2.0?

	*) When will the the tree be strictly frozen with the exception
           for bug fixes? We keep adding stuff, changing stuff... breaking
           other things here and there unintentionally in the process...
           it doesnt seem like some tangible goal is being worked towards.
           I mean, there was an API change to APR just last week. We are
           on to our umpteenth locking mechanism. When will everyone
           settle down and work with what we have?

There's no roadmap; There's no release date of any sort for the tree, be
it alpha, beta, delta, zulu, red, yellow, or final. No code regression

I kind of get the feeling that someone will wake up one morning and say
"Hey, let's release 2.0!" and I fear that. Then the scramble To Get Stuff
In ensues.


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