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From "Zvi Har'El">
Subject SSI vs CGI
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 22:02:12 GMT

I compared the environment variables I get in an SSI, like <!--#printenv-->,
and a CGI, running a script like

#!/usr/local/bin/zsh -x
echo "Content-type: text/plain"

In an HTTPS virtual host, there are many variables that are exported one
method and not the other: More specifically, all the variables starting with
SSL_ (e.g., SSL_CIPHER, SSL_SESSION_ID, etc.), are exported to the CGI script,
but are not printed by the printenv SSI. This is in Apache/2.0.32-dev (Unix)
mod_ssl/3.0a0 OpenSSL/0.9.6b (which I compiled from the latest CVS).

I didn't notice an opposite problem in this version of Apache, but in another
version - in the latest RedHat distro, which is Apache 1.3.22. I didn't see the
problem in 1.3.23 in Solaris: The variable assignment HTTPS=on, which appears
in a HTTPS virtual host in the <!--#printenv--> output, is not exported to the
CGI script! (The SSL_ variables are not exported in 1.3). I didn't try to
install vanilla 1.3.23 on RedHat, ao I don't know what is the origin of the
problem. If I have more specific info I'll post it.



Dr. Zvi Har'El     Department of Mathematics
tel:+972-54-227607                   Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
fax:+972-4-8324654     Haifa 32000, ISRAEL
"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." -- Thumper (1942)
                           Saturday, 21 Shevat 5762,  2 February 2002, 11:37PM

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