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From Chris Hardie <>
Subject suexec and resource limitations
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 19:46:29 GMT

Hi folks.  I'm mostly an Apache user instead of a developer, but think I
can communicate about this issue well enough to talk to this list (let me
know if I'm wrong).

Mainly, I want to see what there is to be done about issues surrounding
suexec and resource limitations for its child processes.  I first dove
into the matter a while ago:

and have since left and come back to the issue a few times.  I finally
just set up this page:

to consolidate (I think) all the relevant bug PRs, patches, and discussion
threads on the matter.

Obviously, I wouldn't mind just resolving the issues around Apache
1.3.x+suexec+FreeBSD, but if there's something I could do to contribute to
the larger functionality of suexec, I'm up for it.

I'm interested in your comments and suggestions about how to proceed.


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