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From Igor Sysoev>
Subject Re: mod_proxy Cache-Control: no-cache=<directive> support Apache 1.3
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 06:15:27 GMT
On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Graham Leggett wrote:

> > Is it possible to integrate apache 2.0's mod_cache with mod_accel
> > and/or add mod_accel's features to mod_proxy?
> Mod_proxy is no longer ancient nor hard to maintain, and as far as I am
> aware the new mod_proxy does almost everything mod_accel does - if it
> doesn't, tell me what's broken and I'll try to fix it.

mod_proxy can not do many things that mod_accel can. Some of
them can be easy implemented, some not.

mod_accel can:

*) ignore headers like 'Pragma: no-cache' and 'Authorization'.

*) log its results.

*) pass cookies to backend even response can be cached.

*) taking cookies into account while caching responses.

*) mod_accel has AccelNoPass directive.

*) proxy mass name-based virtual hosts with one directive on frontend:
   AccelPass   /    [PH]
   [PH] means preserve hostname, i.e. request to backend would go with
   original 'Host' header.

*) resolve backend on startup.

*) make simple fault-tolerance with dns-balanced backends.

*) use timeout when it connects to backend.

*) use temporary file for buffering client request body (there is patch
   for mod_proxy).

*) serve byte-range requests.

*) get backend response as soon as possible even it's very big.
   mod_accel uses temporary file for buffering backend response if
   reponse can not fill in mod_accel configurable buffer.

*) use busy locks. If there are several the same requests to backend
   then only one of them would go to backend during specified time.

*) limit concurrent connections and waiting processes on per-backend
   or per Location basis.

*) mod_accel has mod_randban module that allow to randomize some
   part of content. For example it can replace '11111' number in
   <img src="http://host/path1?place=1&key=1234&rand=11111">
   with random value.

Igor Sysoev

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