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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] mod_deflate
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 22:31:42 GMT
> From:
> Sent: 16 February 2002 22:53

> Justin Erenkrantz <> writes:
> > On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 06:59:40PM +0100, Sander Striker wrote:
> > > > Wow!  Obviously the code/default config need to be extremely
> > > > conservative!
> > > 
> > > Yes.  But browsers change (evolve to better things we hope), so config has
> > > my preference.  Hardcoding in default rules is badness IMHO.  But maybe that's
> > > just me.
> > 
> > -1 if these restrictions are hardcoded in the module like it was
> > before Sander's patch.  These problems should be handled by the
> > configuration of mod_deflate not by hardcoding rules.
> I guess I don't follow this about restrictions being hardcoded in the
> module.  When you say "restriction" I just see default behavior.  A
> default behavior is hardcoded into Apache or modules for so many
> things.
> I wonder what the real disagreement is...  It is hard to tell exactly
> who wants what.  It looks like there is violent agreement in some
> areas.
> Are these the choices so far?
> .. mod_deflate shoud stay as it was (only compress text/html, can't
>   add more mime types
>   (I don't see that anybody was in favor of this.)

Me neither.
> .. mod_deflate defaults to only compressing text/html (and may perhaps
>   have further restrictions in the interest of been fool-proof) in
>   case the admin takes the bare minimum steps to enable it, but a
>   directive will be available so that admins can turn on compression
>   for more mime types
>   and I guess there are subchoices here on whether the default
>   set of directives in httpd.conf would be very conservative or would
>   simply turn on compression for everything we think is safe until we
>   find out from admins that some browser doesn't do this or that
>   correctly

This is what this little disagreement seems to be about.

> It would be helpful to some of us if, forgetting the vetos for a
> moment, people could put a concise wording of their position in the
> STATUS file and allow folks to indicate how they feel about it.  (Can
> you tell that I can't keep everything straight?)

Ok, I can't commit to STATUS, but I can tell you my take on things:

SetOutputFilter DEFLATE, should compress all by default.  There is an
exception which is 'gzip-only-text/html' which can be set on browser
matches.  We do _not_ put a SetOutputFilter DEFLATE line in the std

In the std config we should have:

<IfModule mod_deflate.c>
    AddOutputFilter DEFLATE text/html


We would need to adjust AddOutputFilter for this so it can add filters
on content type aswell as on extension.

Now, if you wish to enable compression for everything, like for a
subversion repository, you would do:

<Location /some/subversion/repos>
    SetOutputFilter DEFLATE



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