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From "Rief, Jacob" <>
Subject mod_proxy hides X-Cache header from upstream server in 1.3.23
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:28:49 GMT
Hello Grahamm,
from the ChangeLog this seems to be your modification
in the latest version of Apache.

Unfortunately mod_proxy hides the X-Cache header
send by an upstream server.
This is s new behaviour not seen in any earlier version of
I understand, that its nice to have a headers in order
to determine whether an object was delivered by Apache's
own cache or not, ie. sending a X-Cache: MISS/HIT header.
However I use another caching-system (Squid) behind 
the Apache, which itself sets or adds such headers.
Since version 1.3.23 the squid X-Cache headers never
reaches my client. One solution would be to disable
the generation and hiding of the upstream X-Cache header
if the 'NoCache' directive was set.
Another would be to add the header instead of replacing it
(this is the way a squid-cluster handles the X-cache header).

BTW, I use mod_proxy through the [P] directive in mod_rewrite,
not through the ProxyPass directive.

Best regards,

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