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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject problem with mod-include/proxy/input filters?
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2002 06:55:18 GMT
hi guys.
this one has got me stumped now.

I recently patched mod-include so that it would return the un-matched
tag at the end of the bucket.. and it seemed to work with testing with 
using mod-proxy to get the buckets in the right position.

I was still seeing a problem with a extra '<' appearing out of nowhere
at the end of the response.. (not all the time)

so I created the bucketeer.

the bucketeer is a filter which will create buckets the size/position
you want them. you simply insert a ^B (or a ^F to get a flush) and away
you go.

now the problem.
if I create the same bucket's that I see coming to me in tcp-dump (via 
mod-proxy) the patch I created for mod-include fails BIG-TIME, and the 
old-version of mod-include works beautifully.

now I'm suspecting that something in the input-filters is broken.
for 2 reasons.
	1. this problem has arisen since v29 (where I never saw this
	2. in the debugger it looks like length of the bucket being
	passed through is too long.

anybody wanna go dig in the input-filters and see whats going on?


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