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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: xml module docs
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 02:39:30 GMT
It looks great for Apache configuration GUI developers.
Even before teaching their tool about the specific directives and their
parameters, they already have an initial automatic support.

However, it will be useless without adoption by independent module
developers (PHP, mod_perl, etc.).

Is there any way to "encourage" them to use it?

You may argue and claim that there is no chance to cause module
developers/maintainers to adopt this format, but a similar try already
succeeded: Sun succeeded to convince Java developers to use JavaDoc, so
today most of the Java sources have a (minimal) automatic

I don't see any reason why it can't succeed in this case too.

Joshua Slive wrote:

> If you monitor the CVS list, you have by now noticed that we are converting
> the apache module docs (ie, the reference manual part of the docs) to xml.
> I just committed for the first time the xslt transformation into cvs.  I did
> this to assure that we don't need to maintain two sets of module docs in
> 2.0.
> Now, to edit module docs, first check if there is both an .xml and .html
> file.  If there is only .html, then just edit the html as usual.  If there
> is an .xml file, then don't edit the .html file, because it is generated
> from the .xml.
> Instructions on how to deal with the .xml are here:
> Note that, although the final .xml file will need to be transformed to
> .html, you don't need a full transformation setup to edit the docs and check
> your works.  Recent versions of MSIE, Mozilla, and Netscape will render the
> xml directly with the xsl stylesheet if you request the .xml in your
> browser.

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