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From David Ford <>
Subject Re: bugdb user database corrupted
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2002 22:31:06 GMT
Run strings on the db, they keys will be in the form of RHS\nLHS.  as in 
the right hand side will appear  then the left hand side will appear.

e.g. user, password:

You may have to rebuild the db.


Joshua Slive wrote:

>Someone told Aaron to use htpasswd to add himself to the bug database
>password list on daedalus.  This was a *bad* idea, since the bug database
>password list was in DB format.
>So now the bug database password list is corrupted, and nobody can login.
>I've played around with it a little, and I can't figure out how to repair
>it.  Anyone have an idea?
>And should we add some basic format checking to htpasswd to prevent it
>from corrupting any old file it comes across?

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