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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject ap_calculate_scoreboard_Size problem ?
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 05:44:35 GMT
one of the developer's over here stumbled on this error.
could this be similiar to the APR_initalize  fixed earlier?

BTW.. this is 31 + justin's patches from his website I think.

this may be fixed in the most recent build of .31, but...
looks like ap_calculate_scoreboard_size() is 4 bytes off.

****  Purify instrumented /home/ronr/.httpd-2_0_31/bin/httpd.pure (pid 
2251, forked from pid 2193)  ****
IPW: Invalid pointer write:
   * This is occurring while in:
     memset         [rtlib.o]
     ap_create_scoreboard [scoreboard.c:264]
     ap_run_pre_mpm [scoreboard.c:103]
     ap_mpm_run     [worker.c:1345]
     main           [main.c:498]
     _start         [crt1.o]
   * Writing 213256 bytes to 0xfb660004 between the heap and the stack 
(4 bytes at 0xfb694108 illegal).

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