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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: Apache 2_0_31 is now rolled
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 15:45:03 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:

> > I think we all agree that once a tarball
> > is "public" (meaning that non-developers have the *potential* of
> > grabbing it) if there's something wrong with it, we have to bump
> > before we reroll.

If it makes it to /, then I agree.  If the only place
it resides is intended strictly for developers, then I think that's too
conservative, especially if it's just a roll problem.

> I would vote in favor of having a developer only place to grab it then.


> The mail to ask people to test should go to the list of httpd
> committers.

That excludes people like Madhu who isn't a committer but has given us valuable
feedback on our roll procedures.  

My vote would be something like Justin suggested, with a few tweaks:  put the
preliminary tarballs in a developer only directory, put appropriate disclaimers
in a HEADER file (so you see them in an autoindex listing), and ask people to
test on the dev@httpd list.  Once we know the fate of the tarball, remove it
from this dir so people don't get used to finding stuff there.  We probably
wouldn't want any links on our site to this directory either.

If in spite of these precautions, any lurkers grab the preliminary tarballs and
have problems:
* they have been warned,
* if it's a code problem, we are going to patch, re-tag, and re-roll soon
* if it's a roll problem, doing ./buildconf will often fix (we could mention
that in the HEADER),
* I would think most responsible lurkers would de-cloak and speak up if they are
the first to see a problem.  If not, how much should I care about their problem?


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