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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: 2.0.31 coredump on daedalus
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2002 22:22:56 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Aaron Bannert <> writes:
>>On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 09:40:31AM -0800, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>>>Oh, no.  That assert should be >= 0.  I wanted to limit -1 brigades
>>>not 0-length ones.  *sigh*
>>>I hate asserts.  I don't even know why I put it in there.  This is
>>>exactly why it is a bad idea to have debug asserts change code.  Oh,
>>>How about rolling .32 as the same as .31 with that line changed?
>>>(Could you make this change on daedalus - that should fix it.)
>>Unfortunately, I would have to consider this a showstopper. OTOH,
>>I'm fully in favor of retagging .32 with this change and the Netware
>>change bumped from .31 and rerolling right away.
> While I'm not on the "showstopper" bandwagon, I'm wondering what the
> chances are of getting some packaging issues* handled in a 2.0.32
> before somebody destabilizes the codebase.

I was thinking about this. seeing how noone likes the idea of retagging
the 2 files to .31.
I was going to propose that v.32 == v.31 and the assert 
fix. otherwise they go in the 'README.FIRST' file

and we just go straight to beta with that, as that is what daedalus is 
running and everyseems ok with v31, and the 2 patches anyway

> *binbuild: statically-linked utilities, our own expat

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