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From Brian Akins <>
Subject Re: 2.0.31 include and expires
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 15:04:45 GMT
Was this fixed in 2.0.32?


 This was a key reason for my mod_dir patch that broke Brian's request, below.
 This is also a mod_negotiation bug, we simply hadn't realized it yet.
From: "Brian Akins" <bakins@w...>
 Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 7:35 AM

 > I've been playing with 2.0.31 and I've noticed something strange. All of 
> .html and .htm files are server-parsed and should also have an expire time 
> set. ...
 > A request for http://foo/ does not get parsed or get expiry headers set. 
> However, http://foo/index.hml works as expected.
> This just doesn't seem right, I have been toying with porting some of our 
> modules to Apache 2, but I obviously don't understand what's going here. 
> isn't http://foo/ recognized as text/html?
No, it is not right, and yes - http://foo/ should be appropriately recognized.
 We are evidently not moving enough info from the subreq to the parent request
 in ap_fast_internal_redirect(); at least the filter chain, and some meta 
related to the expires date....
Set{Input|Output}Filter[ByType] all set up filters in the typemap hook. It
 appears we did not copy these from the internal DefaultIndex subrequest back 
into the main request - we needed to. I'm not certain where the expires date
 is cached; the output headers? In any case, perhaps the entire headers need 
slide from the sub request to the main request.
A better answer is possibly to drop ap_internal_fast_redirect altogether (and
 changing both mod_dir and mod_negotiation to never use the beast again) - 
 includes Apache 1.3. This code, while normalized, is not much better than
 it was playing 1.3 negotiation. The code has been a source of vulnerabilities
 which I fixed, and other 'bugs' - most of which I'd fixed. Who knows how many
 more lurk, waiting to be 'discovered'.
Axe ap_internal_fast_redirect()? Are any 3rd party modules taking advantage
 of this hack from negotiation?

Brian Akins
Systems Engineer III
CNN Internet Technologies

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