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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject --enable-layout and overriding --prefix
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 19:47:42 GMT
There's a little catch-22 that we're running into in trying to
get --enable-layout to work. I have a patch that seems to fix
--enable-layout again, but there is a potential problem:
If one specifies --enable-layout=foo then that layout profile
will completely override other settings like --prefix. I don't
see this as a problem, since one must explicitly introduce
--enable-layout (which in and of itself can completely control
all buildtime/installtime paths).

Due to some issues with autoconf, it wouldn't be possible to
simply save and restore the --prefix -like params after
APACHE_ENABLE_LAYOUT, since we'd have to guess what AC_INIT
is supplying as the defaults (we can test for $prefix = NONE, but
that trick doesn't work everywhere).

Are we content with --enable-layout potentially overwriting all
--prefix -like parameters?


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