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From Ryan Morgan <>
Subject [PATCH] core.c
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 01:12:43 GMT

Hey everyone,

There is a problem on systems with largefile support (such as windows 2000)
when downloading a file that is larger than AP_MAX_SENDFILE (16777216)
with keepalives turned off.

When largefile support is enabled, we split up files larger
AP_MAX_SENDFILE into several file buckets.  Just before we call sendfile, 
we set the APR_SENDFILE_DISCONNECT_SOCKET flag, even if there are more 
file buckets sitting in the brigade.  The result is truncated file of 
size 16777216, since the socket has been closed after the first call to

This patch disables setting this flag unless we are the last file bucket
in the brigade.  I've also attached a patch that fixes a comment in 



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