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From Ask Bjoern Hansen <>
Subject Open Source Convention, Apache Httpd, Call for Participation (due March 1st) (fwd)
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 01:23:33 GMT

Call for Participation - Proposals Due March 1, 2002

O'Reilly & Associates is pleased to announce the 4th annual Open
Source Convention. The Open Source Convention is a five-day event
designed for programmers, developers, strategists, and technical staff
involved in Open Source technology and its applications. This event is
the central gathering place for the Open Source community to exchange
ideas, share techniques, push the technical boundaries, and maximize
the benefits of open source software. The convention takes place at
the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, San Diego, California, July
22-26, 2002.

The theme this year is "Doing More With Less." This has several
aspects: how business can do more with less money (by adopting open
source software), how developers do more with less time and financial
support, how to make the most of what you've got (performance tuning
and little-known-of features), and how open source software manages to
avoid the bloat that characterizes closed-source software.

Suggestions for things that would be great to see in the Apache httpd

 * Apache 2.0's new features, why it took so long, and what
   the future holds
 * Strategies to get better performance (mod_backend, Squid, ...)
 * 5 coolest modules shipping with Apache that most people never use
 * Writing Apache 2.0 handlers
 * Success story about BigCorp, Inc using Apache and being proud of it
   ("how we replaced umpteen NT boxes with a handful of Apache servers")
 * Security

Individuals and companies interested in making presentations, giving a
tutorial, or participating in panel discussions are invited to submit
proposals. Proposals will be considered in two classes: tutorials and
convention presentations (sessions).

Presentations should be aimed at a 45- or 90-minute time slot, though
full day and half day tutorials are another option.  Presentations by
marketing staff or with marketing focus will be rejected.

All presenters whose talks are accepted will receive free registration
at the conference. For each half-day tutorial, the presenter receives
one night's accommodation, a travel allowance, and an honorarium.

Registration will open April 1, 2002. If you would like an email
notification when registration opens, please use the form on

For more information see

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