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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] new scoreboard creation logic, remove DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD from MPMs
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:41:26 GMT
On Fri, Feb 15, 2002 at 01:50:31AM -0800, Adam Sussman wrote:
> This works well with perfork and worker under Linux.  I have a couple
> of comments though:
> 1) There are some not infrequent cases I have run into where apache
>    needs to be killed (for unrelated reasons) and the shared memory
>    segment does not get cleaned up.  When this happens, you can't restart
>    the server.  You get a "file exists" error and apache refuses to start
>    up.  This is easy to fix with ipcrm but the error is confusing and 
>    does not make the solution obvious.
>    It would be nice if apache would clean up the shared memory segement
>    if it sees it, or have a more meaningfull error.

The problem here is that there's a way to automatically destroy a segment
when all the processes die that had it attached, but as soon as you mark
the segment for auto-death no new processes can attach to it.

This is obviously a side effect of a larger lingering process problem
in apache, but it is still a legitimate problem, IMHO. [To get rid of
at least one of those lingering process problems, grab HEAD from CVS.]

We could add a new routine to apr_shm.h in APR for preremoving a segment;
it could attach to a segment to see if it exists, set it for removal,
then detach. Then if the EXCL creation fails then there is another
process still running.

> 2) Unless I am missing something, there does not seem to be an easy way
>    for an external application accessing the scoreboard to know how to
>    navigate the data structure.  You have to know the server limit and
>    thread limit or else you run into problems.  It would be nice to
>    be able to derive those values from the scoreboard image instead of
>    the httpd.conf file.

That may get us into a chicken-and-egg -- IIRC the scoreboard size is
proportional to the server limit and thread limit. :) I do agree that we
need a better way to access the structure of the scoreboard.


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