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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject 2.0.32 has been released.
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 08:43:46 GMT
I received 3 +1s to make JRE_1 .32, so it became 2.0.32 (with a
CVS tag of APACHE_2_0_32).

Committers and non-committers, please vote for beta from this
tarball.  Once it is approved as a beta, the formal release notes
will be made with appropriate posts to current-testers and other
places as required.

Since I need 3 +1s for .32 to call it beta, I placed it up as an
alpha (2 +1s so far for beta).  I'm certainly hopeful that this
will be a beta shortly.  (If you dare vote -1 and you didn't
test JRE_1 when I asked for feedback, I will come after you with
a baseball bat.)

This build has been running on daedalus for over three days now
(with one minor tweak that is in this release for mod_negotiation),
so I believe it has passed our dog food test, but Greg Ames has the
final word on daedalus's vote.

Some random notes:

- autoconf 2.13 and libtool 1.4.2 were used to generate the .gz
  tarball.  IMHO, if this combination doesn't work on your platform,
  then you need to run ./buildconf yourself.  I don't particularly
  care to roll tarballs for every oddball platform.

- I hacked httpd_roll_release to leave in ".", so the tarball
  produces httpd-2.0.32 directory when extracted.

- Because I wanted libtool 1.4.2 for the .tar.gz, I rolled it on my
  local Linux box.  However, that box doesn't have compress, so I
  couldn't post .Z files.  If someone needs them, I'm hoping someone
  can volunteer to post a good .Z file.  (The same goes for Win32 and
  .zip files.)

- Since I can not recommend .31 now (and I believe none of us can
  either), I removed those files from /dist/httpd/ since it now has
  been obsoleted by .32.  I hope this is/was correct policy.

- I've tested this with httpd-test and all the tests pass (even
  negotiation suprisingly enough!).  (I have heard sporadic reports
  of failures with httpd-test, but I can *not* reproduce any of

Enjoy.  -- justin

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