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From Adam Sussman <>
Subject Re: prefork segfaults under load
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 02:36:07 GMT
> I agree that disabling threads is covering up a problem, but I suspect
> that the problem is in glibc and not in Apache.
> Some rather lame debug suggestions: 
> 1) make sure you have the latest glibc... maybe the problem got fixed

Upgrading to the latest glibc does not seem to help.

> 2) make sure you aren't running out of memory

We're not.

> 3) grab the sources for the level of glibc you have and try to get
>    some idea of why __pthread_reset_main_thread() might segfault

There seem to be a number of ways that this could dump core and so far
we aren't having any luck tracking this down.  The best we can come
up with is that there is some stack corruption happening somewhere.

The latest CVS snapshot seems even more unstable, by the way.

Any other ideas we can chase after?



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