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From Dave Dribin <>
Subject Patch for PR# 4634
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2002 05:57:34 GMT

I've attached a patch against 1.3.23 that modifies ./configure to take
a "--force-suffix" option as a solution to PR# 4634.

This keeps the default behavior as is, but allows people who want to
have the additional "httpd" tacked on the directories to do so, even
if it is already in an "apache" subdirectory.

BTW, for those wondering why this would be useful, I use epkg to
install Apache as an encap package.

The extra "httpd" subdirectories become useful when epkg makes
symlinks to the encap directory, such as:

  /usr/local/etc/httpd/httpd.conf -> ../../encap/apache-1.3.23/etc/httpd/httpd.conf

I'd rather keep the files in /usr/local/etc/httpd rather than


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