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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject JRE_1 Tagged...
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 03:07:04 GMT
After talking with Ryan for a bit on IRC, he convinced me that the
pre_connection change is good and should be included in our next
release.  If not, we'd release with a hook API we know is bogus.

I looked at the diffs between APACHE_2_0_31 and HEAD and I'm
fairly confident we're not going to get majorly screwed if
we take in the rest of the changes.  So, I've taken HEAD as of
right now and tagged it as JRE_1.  This should encapsulate all
of the changes we've made to get a stable build on daedalus.
If there are more segfaults or problems, I'll adjust my tag

I'd like to wait on doing a roll for JRE_1 for Win32 to become
functional.  In my eyes as RM, this is a showstoper.  Disagree?
Start your own tree - this is a showstopper for me.  I won't roll
without it serving pages.  It hurts that I can't help out since
I don't use Win32, but so it goes.

I'll try to track all commits that happen until Win32 becomes
stable and judge if they are worthy of bumping the tag on
them.  -- justin

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