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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Thoughts on 2.0.32
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 23:38:25 GMT
Since it sounds like Win32 is busted (I'd say it'd be fine to
say that .31 is beta but doesn't work on Win32, but wrowe doesn't
like that), how about just taking the .31 tree, tagging *that* as
.32, and carefully bumping files that resolve issues into .32 and
the RM can carefully decide which other recent commits/changes are
worthy of inclusion in .32?

I know that there have been lots of changes in .32-dev since .31 was
tagged that have challenged the stability of the current tree.  If
we took .32 and made it as close to .31 as we could but with the
*minimum* required changes to make .32, we could be close to a real
beta.  (This seems to mimic the APACHE_BEST tag I think was proposed
before my time.)

And, if the only substantive changes in .32 are related to Win32,
we don't lose the testing that has already occurred on Unix

Food for thought.  

FWIW, I'd volunteer to be RM, but I won't have the time until
Wednesday at the earliest.  -- justin

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